Teeth Gnash Tennessee

TGT Install 18Teeth Gnash Tennessee, Install Day 18: Joey Frank & Mahoney/Vaccariello


TEETH GNASH TENNESSEE | Bill Adams, Heather Benjamin, Jonathan Berger, Genesis BREYER P-ORRIDGE, Jane Corrigan, Joey Frank, Paul Gabrielli, Kate Gilmore, Frank Haines, Dorothy Iannone, Paul Lee, Cary Leibowitz, Ryan James MacFarland, Ella Mahoney & Sarah Vaccariello, Tracy Nakayama, Joyce Pensato, Dan Schein, and Marianne Vitale.

April 3 – April 26, 2015

INVISIBLE-EXPORTS is proud to introduce, Teeth Gnash Tennessee, a rolling group exhibition, taking place at the gallery over twenty-three days.

* * *

Teeth Gnash Tennessee will present the work of eighteen artists, exhibited in two-day shifts, two works at a time. The exhibition is the record of a visual word-association game, performed internally within the gallery. The show grew laterally, with each artwork selected in response to the one chosen immediately before. Only two artworks will be on view each day, and each artwork will only be on view for two days in a row total. Each evening, the artwork that has already been on view for two days will be removed, making way for the next work, which will create a new pairing with the object that has been there for only one day, and that had been paired with the previous artwork from the day before.

The point of the exhibition is to stage, every day, a new and jarring juxtaposition of artists and objects, and to produce over the course of a single exhibition, eighteen different experiences. Rather than focusing on assembling a single collection of work, with the right balance of commonality and contrast, we wanted to indulge our more immediate instincts, asking ourselves, What is the first thing that comes to mind when you see this artwork?

Each day the gallery website will reflect the newest pairing, and at the end of the exhibition, a catalogue displaying all eighteen installations will be produced, and will be available for purchase both online and at the gallery.